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Propeller 29"x10" EVO

29 inches
10 inches
Bolt diameter
10 mm

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139.00 $

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168.19 $

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EVOlution type

High performance prop feature hollow blades fabricated from uni-directional and bi-directional carbon fiber and epoxy.

Very light, super strong, with a solid hub area allowing them to be drilled for Multi bolt hubs.

The finish is a beautiful high gloss, clear epoxy gel-coat over black woven carbon fiber.

Factory balanced. 





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29 inches
10 inches
Bolt diameter
10 mm


Kenneth Kristiansen:

Subjective impression of flight

Classic: Strong, ok airspeed up and downline. Good torque. 

3D: Good torque. Fast spool up of the engine. Stable in 3D manuvers.

Comparison with other propellers

Xoar 28x12 is noisy compared to the Mejzlik. 

Technical information of the used model
 Engine  DA 120
 Muffler  Canister
 Plane  EF Extra 104"
 RPM  6 100
 Noise level  89 db



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