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Prop labels

XX x YY – diameter of prop in inches x pitch of prop in inches

3B – three bladed prop

E – prop for electric motors

N – prop with narrow blades

W – prop with wide blades

S –  prop with scimitar-shaped blades

TH – prop with very thin profile of blades

EVO – our newest type of propellers with new profile and wider blade

LF – lightweight prop with polyurethane core

 “N” or “W” refers to the basic, standard finish. In general if you need to load your engine more but the nearest prop with larger diameter is too “heavy”, it is possible to use “W” prop with wider blades. And other way round if you need to load your engine less, you can use “N” prop with narrower blades.

 “S” - scimitar shaped props reduce the level of noise even more.

 “TH” props are made from very thin profile. They were originally designed for electric motors but we tested them and found out that due to their structural design and high-quality manufacturing they can be successfully used even with gas engines without any problems.

 “EVO” props are modern props with new, more efficient profile and shape of blades.

 “L” props are made by new procedure. These props guarantee great strength and toughness of the blade with lowest possible weight. Specifically: “L” prop is 30% to 40% lighter than the standard version. Their special polyurethane core allows us to produce them much lighter with the same strength at the same time.

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