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What do the abbreviations on the propellers mean?

Look at our prop labels here.

Where can I get your propellers from?

You can buy them online from our e-shop as we ship worldwide. Alternatively, you can find your nearest dealer. 

What is the best propeller for my model/engine?

Visit our page Recommended propellers for choosing the best-fitting propeller for your engine. 

Can I use your electro propeller for gas engines?

No, you cannot. Electro props are designed especially for electro motors. Vibrations and powers of gas engines could damage electro props. 

Do I have to use PropCovers with your propellers?

We recommend you to use PropCovers with all our propellers as this will prevent them from getting damaged. However we highly recommend you use PropCovers for all our propellers with polyurethane core which are labelled "L" or "LF". 

The reason for our recommendation is that our classic props are hollow and if they warm up because of the sun, the air inside the prop increases the pressure inside and has tendency to blow up the prop. We solve this by micro hole in each blade so the air doesn't expand inside. However polyurethane core keeps the air inside itself so micro hole in each blade doesn't help to let the air get outside. When you leave the “L” or “LF” props on the sun, they get overheated and then damaged. That is why there is a note “always use PropCover” with every prop with polyurethane core on our web.
Can you produce a custom made propeller for me?

Yes, we can. As custom made we can produce any size of them. If you are interested in a custom made prop, please contact us. Or see our B2B section! 

Can I go on using propeller which got in touch with ground while starting / landing?

If it happens that your prop touches ground during flying, always inspect it closely and if you find any sign of damage, scratches etc. do not use this prop anymore. It can cause damage of your model.

Do I have to balance your propeller?

No, you do not have to. All our propellers are factory balanced.

Can you drill the centre hole in propeller? / Can you drill propeller for my engine pattern?

Yes, we can. We do re-drilling of centre holes and also drilling props for custom engine patterns (DA, 3W, MVVS and ZDZ) and of course afterwards we re-balance the prop. If you are interested in this service please contact us or add a note to your order.

While I was drilling mounting holes into your propeller I found sawdust coming out of the prop. Are you propellers wooden? 

No, our props are made from carbon however we use extra hard wooden hubs.

I can see some holes in blades of my propeller, is it OK?

Yes, it is OK. You can see a micro hole in each blade which is there to keep the prop cold. Our classic props are hollow and if they warm up because of the the sun, the air inside the prop increases the pressure and has tendency to blow up the prop. We solve this by this micro hole in each blade so the air doesn't expand inside. You can also find a slightly bigger hole on a blade which is in place so that we can balance our props.

Are the spinners you sell yours?

Yes, they are. We also produce carbon spinners.

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