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Propeller 30"x13" EVO LF

30 inches
13 inches
Bolt diameter
10 mm

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179.00 $

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216.59 $

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EVOlution type, Light "Foam core" racing prop.

Please always use Propcovers for our "LF" props.

High performance prop feature hollow blades fabricated from uni-directional and bi-directional carbon fiber and epoxy.

Very light, super strong, with a solid hub area allowing them to be drilled for Multi bolt hubs.

Weights amazing 220 g ! Mainly tips of blade are lighter which allows quicker acceleration and breaking of the propeller

The finish is a beautiful high gloss, clear epoxy gel-coat over black woven carbon fiber.

Factory balanced.

Please always use a PropCovers for our "LF" props. 





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30 inches
13 inches
Bolt diameter
10 mm


Alexander Balzer:

Subjective impression of flight

Very aggressive Prop for 3D - love it.

Comparison with other propellers

Just flying Mejzlik Props.

Technical information of the used model
 Engine  DA 170
 Muffler  MTW RE3
 Plane  Sukhoi SU26MM 3,1m
 RPM  5 900
 Noise level  unknown


Erwin Baumgartner:

Subjective impression of flight

Only 3D, super gas assumption, much power and great sound but not quietly 

Comparison with other propellers

30x13 3 blade for flying classic. Sbach not good for Classic and just enough power. For 3D would be better a larger size.(31")

Technical information of the used model
 Engine  3W170xi CS
 Muffler  Krummschwid
 Plane  Sbach 342
 RPM  6 570
 Noise level  98 db



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