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Propeller 21"x13" E-L

less than 40 g
21 inches
13 inches
Bolt diameter
8, 10 mm

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109.00 $

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131.89 $

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Weight less than 40g.

Please always use Propcovers for our "E-L" props.

Production  of this light electro propeller is very unique. This brand new technology allows making it significantly lighter, but still keeps the strength of our current props.

These are the world´s lightest electro propellers. 





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less than 40 g
21 inches
13 inches
Bolt diameter
8, 10 mm


Cristian Ghizzi:

Subjective impression of flight

The propeller has a very good response, especialy in windy day. In calm condition the model is a little too fast, I'm training your 20.5x12WE-light and 20x13 three-blade. The 20x13 3-blade is a good propeller but require a little throttle asjustement, I will make a complete test when I have finish the contest and I will sure use this propeller in next year.

Comparison with other propellers

I had flight with PT model during 2009-2011, 21x13E in standard version. The finish of propeller is a little low than yours, the throttle response is more sweet but in some case is not good especialy in some F3A figures. In flight more noise than your propeller. 

Other comments

I have propose a propeller with winglet in order to decrease the turbulence.

Technical information of the used model
 Engine  C50-13XL
 Muffler  Unknown
 Plane  Oxai Citrin EP
 RPM  5 850
 Noise level  72 db



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