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Propeller 20"x13" EL-3B

less than 58 g
20 inches
13 inches
Bolt diameter
8, 10 mm

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149.00 $

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180.29 $

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Weight less than 58g.

Please always use Propcovers for our "E-L" props.

Production  of this light electro propeller is very unique. This brand new technology allows making it significantly lighter, but still keeps the strength of our current props.

These are the world´s lightest electro propellers. 





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less than 58 g
20 inches
13 inches
Bolt diameter
8, 10 mm


Kaiser Stefan:

Subjective impression of flight

The plane is only used to fly classic F3A manoeuvres. In general, I am really happy with the current setup:
The engine sounds nice and is very quiet. The plane is very neutral in rolls in both directions. The prop allows to give a bit engine power in down lines of kniffe-edge loops and rolling loops without acceleration of the plane, this is very helpful! 

Comparison with other propellers

Before, I used your 21x14 EL prop which was also really great. But the big difference of the three bladed prop is, that it allows a bit engine power in down lines of knife-edge loops and other manoeuvres, ensuring better air flow along the plane leading to more stable flight characteristics. As drawback, I need about 800 mAh more capacity for a flight compared to the 2 bladed props. In addition, there is a little bit less power available especially in strong windy conditions, (but still enough).

Other comments

As I stated above, I am really happy with the current setup. 

But a bit higher average velocity of the plane is advantageous. Because this is the case of fuel engine planes as I noticed one more time at the world championships last year. To achieve this, I have to give relatively a lot of engine power. So maybe, a three bladed prop allowing a higher average speed would be something great. But still, the performance in down lines should not change a lot. 

I hope that my explanations are understandable!

Technical information of the used model
 Engine  Hacker Q80-14XS
 Muffler  unknown
 Plane  Citrin and CitrinST
 RPM  5 900
 Noise level  87 db



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